Tree Trail

With more than 150 different types of tree, Victoria Park has something special to offer!

We have used the TiCL system FREE OF CHARGE to create an App, a Tree Trail guide to our Victoria Park in Finchley. 

TiCL App will guide visitors between the trees and provide them with virtual information chosen by us at each tree.

This could be for education or entertainment purposes, it might be information about the tree species or later it could be poetry, music or video – the story is ours to curate.

Use your iPhone or or Android mobile phone, or of course your laptop if it has a phone-sim built in. (if requested please enter a location eg ‘Finchley’).  Click on the Green pin on Ballards Lane, or find Victoria Park N3 Tree Trail below and click on it.

This tree trail is not yet complete so please email us your comments at