‘Improving Victoria Park’ Master Plan


Barnet Council appointed Groundwork to develop a Master Plan for Victoria Park. In March 2018,  Groundwork ran consultations with the local community to come up with the Master Plan with design options.

Groundworks completed their survey and the overall scheme was presented at an Environment Meeting at Barnet Council on 28 Nov 2018. The unanimous support for the scheme and the work was delegated to the Manager Open Spaces who was to report back after the initial design stages.

Playground facilities consultation 8 April to 7 May 2019

In the public consultation carried out in 2018 the number one priority that was identified was “new playground facilities”. Have your say:

Victoria Park two park play facilities consultation

The council’s play provider has proposed new equipment and layouts for the Playground Near The Café and the Playground Near Long Lane. There are separate questionnaires and pictures for each of these two playgrounds.

The council will be running two pop up events in the park where people can come and look at large pictures of what is proposed for the two playgrounds and talk to the council’s play provider. The dates, times and locations of these pop up events are:

Date: Tuesday 16 April Thursday 18 April
Hours: 11am to 3pm 11am to 3pm
Location: Playground near the Café Playground near Long Lane

Once the consultation has ended the outcomes will be reviewed and discussed with the council’s play provider, and amendments will be made to the plans as appropriate.

We are keen that there are play facilities in the park throughout the summer holidays, so work on the new play facilities will commence in September.

Draft Master Plan + design options

Consultation on the draft Master Plan closed on 13 August 2018.

Read the official agreement about the Master Plan from the Barnet Council Environment Committee, through the implementation of the Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Strategy (PDF):

  • that a master plan be developed for Victoria Park
  • to request the release of the ring fenced funding to support the development and improvement of Victoria Park in line with the agreed Greenspaces Capital Investment Programme.

and delegates authority to the Strategic Director: Environment to procure
appropriately qualified external support to develop the master plan for the site in accordance with the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules.

The council sold The Lodge in Victoria Park in 2015 and it is a requirement that any funds raised from the sale will only be spent on Victoria Park.

Our wish list to Groundwork

Friends generated a ‘wish list’ to develop our Park for current and future generations. This went to Groundwork for consideration during the consultation phase in March 2018.

  1. Expand current infants playground to accommodate 6 -11 year olds
  2. Refurbish infants playground
  3. Create a multi-game space with goals/skateboard facility to replace current teenage play area
  4. Develop the café facility by re-building on same site in a “green and sustainable manner” to provide indoor and outdoor seating
  5. Review all toilet provision in the park and should include toilets near the playgrounds/café
  6. Develop the Depot by the front gate for re-use for the community, maybe as a local craft/exhibition space
  7. Review park “furniture” including provision of park benches and seating areas
  8. Refurbish 4 tennis courts (two have recently been done) and introduce a system for managing bookings
  9. Install CCTV cameras in strategic areas
  10. Improve signage, update notice boards at gates and add hoardings by the Bowling Club.
  11. Outdoor gym for older people and/or jogging track round the park
  12. Install new doorway from bowling club to face the café and integrate better with the park.
  13. Improve recycling facility – need new recycle bins with easier access
  14. Tree survey and new tree planting including another magic climbing tree  -Wisteria/Fir planted in tandem
  15. Pay-as-you-go dog wash
  16. Wildlife/nature walk opposite tennis courts
  17. Reinstatement of a putting green
  18. Develop the sensory area
  19. Replace current litter bins with larger improved design for easier access